“Performance: Time trap workshop. New Time travel” at Es Baluard- May 27th 2023

As the closing event of LAP, Es Baluard Museu Laboratory of Art and Thought, in its second edition we propose a journey through time: a performance that has a workshop format.

You are all invited to participate in the time trap workshop, guided by the Instituto del Tiempo Suspendido. Time travel is not just a matter for machines, despite the imaginary imposed by the literature and cinema of the 19th and 20th centuries. Faced with this machinic tradition, ITS wants to expand, politicize and poetize the imaginary of time travel: to vindicate the fact that it exists outside of machines in our daily lives, journeys that can take us to the past or the future, but that can also make us live other temporalities. From the Instituto del Tiempo Suspendido, they offer us a delirious and political workshop, a singular and collective performance to vindicate “chronodiversity” and respond to the neoliberal monochrony that we suffer today.

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