Driving forces:

Raquel Friera
Xavier Bassas



Eneas Bernal

Pol Capdevila
Javier R. Casado
Aurora Fernández Polanco
Marta Labad
Emilia Castro
Chus Domínguez
Linda Valdés
Concha Lucas
Marcos Ferreiro
Marc Caellas
Le peuple qui manque
Cèlia Prats
Amparo Lasén
Ester G. Mecías
Ángels Miralda
Beatriz Escudero
Francesco Giaveri
Suwon Lee
Diego del Pozo
Alexandra Laudo
Teresa Roig
Camila Cañeque*

Searching for other times

The Institute of Suspended Time (ITS) is made up of hundreds of suspended times, of innumerable temporal experiences that, as we say, challenge productive time, make up or replace other ways of experiencing time, as well as promote chronodiversity. For this reason, the ITS makes no sense without its accomplices: agents and patients of other temporalities who partake in our practice of (not)working in order to transform “I don’t have enough time” into “I have my own rhythm”.

We are looking for accomplices who, in their own lives and from all professions and disciplines, share this struggle for chronodiversity, for idiorhythmia, for denaturalising stressful time and opening up to another way of experiencing that incessant ticking that dehumanises us.

We are looking for accomplices in this plot against chrononormativity, in this wildly imaginative scheme to “take time off its hinges”.

We are looking for people with knowledge, practices, lives with other times, or who simply feel the desire to open the clock up, take it apart and look inside it to put it back together again in another way, in a thousand different ways, exploiting its form, function and use.

For all those who want to be part of the ITS, accomplices in this alternative history, there is a contact form below. Send us your name and address, with a short comment about your interest in the ITS, and we will contact you… in time.

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