“To put life at the centre is to put suspended time at the centre of life”

– Anonymous

The Institute of Suspended Time (Instituto del Tiempo Suspendido, ITS) is an institution (a pseudo-, para-, meta-, anti-institution, but also a des-titution, etc.) born from the need to re-appropriate the time that is being expropriated from us, constantly and daily, in our capitalist societies. A way of going from “I don’t have enough time” to “I have my own rhythm”.

The ITS aims to arm itself with the social strength to challenge the naturalisation of productive, telic, chronometric time. To do so, it will host and develop (in)actions that inject suspended time into our lives, that is to say, that encourage chrono-diversity with respect to the norm imposed by temporal productivity.

Here you have the video-presentation of this website:

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