A repository of time would be as infinite as Borges’ Library of Babel, as Lautréamont’s ocean, as Virginia Woolf’s waves, as… What we propose here is not a list of everything that has been said, thought, sung or visualised about time in general, but rather a personal and shared record (always open to collaboration) of the specific manifestations of suspended time that intersect with our lives. We understand “suspended time” as the temporal experience that suspends chrononormativity: here you will find TEXTS (articles, conferences, philosophical, literary and scientific audios), FILMS, artistic projects (ART) and political PRACTICES that set things in motion, that live in different ways, that allow us to experience other non-chronometric, atelic, unproductive temporalities.

Searches and experiences, in short, that suspend the naturalisation of quantified time. 

Here we also propose a repository as a place to repose in the face of that time that does not stop and continues to advance; as that place where other times that you did not imagine actually exist. A repository that encourages chronodiversity and idiorhythmia. As if on the very door of this introduction there were an inscription:

“Let whoever takes their time enter here.”

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