The headquarters of the Institute of Suspended Time will be open to everyone – whether you are a chronocriminal, an accomplice or a time activist – from 30 June to 16 December 2023.

Through the facilities of one of its sites and a series of periodic activations by the artists, ITS questions ubiquitous “chrono-normativity” and suggests alternatives to reappropriate time expropriated by capitalism, acceleration and hyperproductivity.

ITS encourages visitors to delve into their relationship with time through a journey around different areas of its office (as a consultancy, department of temporal justice or the department to de-accelerate neurones), as well as reading the Institute’s Statutes, “chrono crimes” and a broad bibliographic selection assembled for the occasion.

This headquartersis part of the programme Notes, which is a new Museo Reina Sofía project, which aims to explore other formats and methodologies to accommodate devices and projects which transversally make disciplines hybrid and ensure they are capable of working on processes from erraticism as a possibility. 

Its first edition, Notes for a Time Apart, sets forth a reflection on the customary conceptions of time and its registers, scales and rhythms. From different perspectives — philosophy, decolonial thought, queer theory, physics and biology — other modes of conceiving time are approached, beyond its normative and purely metric side.

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